How to create a hamburger menu on WIX.

Essex web design company Brown Owl Creative are well established UK based WIX Pro Designers and have been part of the WIX Pro Community building WIX websites since 2012. As UK based WIX Pro Designers, we have seen a lot of new features develop over the past 5 years on what we believe is a very dynamic, solid platform. WIX offers our clients a dynamic user friendly solution for website design that is hard to beat on any other WYSIWYG website building platform. Allowing us to build a website without the need for coding is an excellent website design solution for clients that need their website turned out quickly and within budget. Just a few of the WIX features we are excited about is the Lightbox feature. There is a huge amount of functionality we can build into a WIX site using the new lightbox feature. In this tutorial we give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a hamburger menu using the WIX lightbox feature. Hamburger menus used to get a bad rap for user experience, but now that users are using their mobile devices more than desktops, the hamburger menu icon has become a more familiar design element.