Anchor links and why we love them in our website designs.

Have you ever been on a long scrolling web page and clicked on a link that scrolls you quickly to the section of the page you are looking for quickly without scrolling manually? The answer is anchor links. These are links that are defined on the various sections on a long scrolling page and then linked to using an anchor menu or any other type of link. As a UK based website design company and WIX Pro Designers we use this feature a lot on our designs and they are very effective and simple to create. Gone are the days when a landing page had to have all the information above the fold before scrolling. The trend toward infinite scrolling pages means anchor links are a crucial part of the user experience and creating a long scrolling page without them would be very bad web design practice and not something we would recommend. Here at Brown Owl Creative web design, we offer WIX solutions to our clients in the UK and all around the world. One of the great features about WIX is how user friendly it is to work with for our clients. In this video tutorial we show you just how easy it is to create anchor links in your WIX website designs.